Temperature and humidity control are two important parameters in the qualification of cleanrooms. The focus here is on the comfort of cleanroom employees. The focus here is particularly on cleanroom clothing. The temperature and humidity in a cleanroom can have a significant influence on process stability.

Temperature and relative humidity

The temperature in a cleanroom should be kept constant in order to avoid fluctuations and the associated problems. If the temperature is too low, this can have a negative effect on the humidity, for example. If the humidity is too high, condensation can form and contaminate the products, while too low humidity can lead to electrostatic charges.

The temperature and relative humidity tests serve to verify the capability of the clean room ventilation system. The air flow in a cleanroom is influenced by parameters such as temperature. There are recommended guide values for the thermal comfort of employees in cleanrooms in accordance with VDI 2083, Sheet 5.1 Annex I.

Another aspect of comfort is the air humidity in the cleanroom, which is also documented in the VDI 2083 standard, Sheet 5.1 Annex I. Alternatively, customer-specific specifications apply, taking into account the individual risk assessment. It is important that temperature and humidity control in cleanrooms is regularly monitored and documented to ensure that the specified limit values are adhered to.


  • DIN EN ISO 14644
  • VDI 2083

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