Air handling units (AHUs) are special HVAC systems that are used in clean rooms to control and maintain the air quality in these sensitive environments. Cleanrooms are specially designed rooms in which environmental influences are reduced to an absolute minimum in order to protect sensitive production processes or research procedures from contamination.

Hygiene inspection of HVAC systems and appliances

The air in cleanrooms must be continuously filtered, tempered and humidified to ensure that there are no particles or impurities that could affect the quality of the manufactured products or the results of the research. HVAC systems play a key role here by efficiently cleaning and controlling the air within the cleanroom.
The most important components of an HVAC system are air filters, ventilation systems, humidifiers and air conditioning units. The air filters in an HVAC system are of crucial importance as they remove particles and impurities from the air and ensure the purity of the air in the cleanroom. Depending on the cleanliness class of the cleanroom, different types of filters can be used to meet the different requirements.
The ventilation system of an air handling unit ensures continuous air exchange in the cleanroom in order to maintain air quality. This can be done by using HEPA filters and fans to circulate the air through the cleanroom and minimize the spread of contaminants.
Humidifiers and air conditioning units in an air conditioning system are responsible for keeping the humidity and temperature in the cleanroom at a constant and controlled level. This is crucial for maintaining optimum conditions for production or research in the cleanroom.
All in all, air handling units are indispensable components for maintaining air quality in cleanrooms.

HVAC systems are commissioned in accordance with the guidelines of VDI 6022, DIN EN 13779 and DIN 1946-4. These guidelines define the requirements for the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of air conditioning systems to ensure that they meet the requirements for indoor air quality and hygiene.


  • VDI 6022

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