Microbiological testing of air or surfaces in cleanrooms, for example, is an important part of production facility inspections and is used to determine the composition and activity of microorganisms in an environment. One of the most common methods for sampling and microbiological testing is the use of contact plates and other culture media

Microbiological analysis of bacteria, yeasts and fungi

Contact plates, also known as contact plates, are sterile Petri dishes coated with a special culture medium. During sampling, the surface of the sample to be analyzed, such as a door handle, is brought into contact with the contact plate. The microorganisms on the surface are transferred to the culture medium where they can grow and multiply. After a certain incubation period, the colonies on the plate can be counted and identified.

In addition to contact plates, there are also other culture media, such as sedimentation plates, which can be used for microbiological analysis of the air.

With the workplace examination, the hygiene measures of your employee can be ensured using sewing media.
The microbiological testing of samples enables, for example, manufacturers of medical products and other industries to monitor the control of their production facilities and compliance with hygiene standards.

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