Measuring the sound pressure level in a cleanroom is primarily for the comfort of employees. The sound pressure level should be measured in the cleanroom state “as built” (completion) or “at rest” (idle) as part of a cleanroom qualification.

Sound pressure level

Various measures are taken to control the sound pressure level in a clean room. These include, for example, the use of sound-absorbing materials and the installation of silencers. In addition, the implementation of soundproofing devices on machines and setting devices to quieter operating modes can also help to keep the sound pressure level at a low level.

Sound pressure level measurements are used to monitor cleanrooms in terms of occupational health and safety. Ideally, checks should be carried out as part of the cleanroom qualification process to ensure that the sound pressure level meets the specified requirements.

The standards define criteria and measurement methods to ensure that the sound pressure level in cleanrooms is controlled and reduced to an acceptable level to ensure occupational safety.


  • DIN EN ISO 14644
  • VDI 2083

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