Ensuring the highest quality standards in various industries such as medical technology, micro-electronics and pharmaceuticals is of crucial importance. A key parameter that requires special attention in cleanrooms is particle measurement.

Particle measurement of the room air or supply air

Particle measurement is an essential part of cleanroom qualification and plays a crucial role in ensuring product quality and the safety of employees and consumers.

Through targeted particle measurements and air testing, we help our customers identify potential sources of contamination and develop remedial measures to ensure an optimized cleanroom environment and particle concentrations within acceptable limits.

ISO 14644 is an international standard that defines the classification of cleanrooms based on the concentration of particles in the air. It specifies requirements for particle measurement and monitoring to ensure that cleanrooms meet the specified cleanliness requirements.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) are guidelines for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs, which also contain requirements for cleanroom qualification and monitoring.


  • DIN EN ISO 14644-1
  • GMP, classes A – D

We will tell you more about the importance of particle measurement, the different methods of particle measurement used in cleanrooms and the importance of regular calibration and validation of the measuring devices. We also emphasize the importance of training for your team working in the cleanroom.

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