The quality of compressed gases plays a decisive role in the area of cleanroom qualification. In accordance with the DIN EN ISO 8573 standard, various requirements are placed on the quality of compressed gases to ensure that they are suitable for use in cleanrooms.

Compressed gas quality in the clean room

First of all, it is important that the compressed gases are free of impurities such as particles, oil, moisture (measured as pressure dew point), endotoxins and microorganisms. These impurities can impair the purity of the air in the cleanroom and increase the risk of contamination. It is therefore important that the compressed gas supply is checked regularly to monitor the treatment of the compressed air. This includes compressors, dryers and filters, for example.

The ISO 8573 standard specifies exactly what particle sizes and concentrations are acceptable to ensure that the cleanroom environment is not endangered.

The compressed gas is available as process air or as control air and with or without product contact. A distinction is made here according to the relevance of the review. As a rule, pressurized gas with product contact must be monitored much more strictly.

It is important that the compressed gas supply is continuously monitored and regulated to ensure consistently high quality. Overall, the quality of the compressed gases is a decisive factor in ensuring that cleanrooms do not become contaminated and that the requirements for purity and cleanliness are met.


  • DIN EN ISO 8573
  • DIN EN ISO 14644
  • GMP Annex 1

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